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How to pay from eSewa

Step by Step guide for payment through eSewa

First of all, you need to have an account registered in our website. If you havent done so, please do it first. 

Once you have created an account, select the product you want to buy and proceed to check out by esewa.

Once you proceed to check out by esewa, you will be taken to esewa page to login. Please enter your eSewa id and password.

After you enter your eSewa id and password, you will see the screen shown as below.

Click on continue payment. Once you click on continue payment, you will see the image as shown below.

You will be asked for token number here. Your token number will be sent by e-Sewa as OTP just like the image below.

For example, Here the token number (OTP) is zaBG80 . Now type this code same as you received it on the place where TOKEN NUMBER was asked above in second image.

After you enter it correctly, click on confirm. Now your Payment is successful and you will the following screen shown below.

Now you have successfully paid and your orders will be received and processed.

Thanks for reading.

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User: AakashDangoriya: .Sorry! Game is out stock. Please visit fire way.?

User: AakashDangoriya: 9826476233 Send top up in dimon

User: Anuradha shrestha: I brought pubg UC from this and it said it will be activated within 1hr but it's 3/4 hrs already Im not getting any UC in my ACC yet why? I'm worried if someone knows what happened 😒 I put the correct I'd no.

User: David Adhikari: Verification token nai aayena mero mobile no ma

User: Anuj thapa: I can't find option of esewa payment

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